Why Hillarion?

Hillarion was born on the sunny mountain roads of North Cyprus from the minds of cyclists who wanted their cycling kit to represent their passions and interests.  

On a long ride to St Hilarion's castle the brand came to fruition.  

What Hillarion means to me:

Katie Butler, co-founder :  "The ride to the castle was, at the time, the longest and hilliest ride I had ever done. The castle represents self belief. That's what I want this kit to be. A reminder of how far you've come and where you want to go. To St Hilarion's Castle and beyond."

Jason Hearne, co-founder : "Hillarion for me is "the sound of the hills" if you will.  Cycling is more than middle-aged men in Lycra, cycling is an art and normally our kits don't represent that. Hillarion aims to join the rider with the landscape and turn those surroundings into the instrument; the rider and their bike become the artist creating the most beautiful "hill-aria"."

Katie & Jason @ St Hilarion's Castle, March 2016